The TV Program Due Process

Due Process is an Emmy Award-winning television series, currently airing on Detroit public television station WTVS (PBS, Channel 56). Due Process is Michigan’s longest-running public affairs program, reaching viewers in southeastern Michigan and parts of Canada. The program highlights practicing lawyers and legal professionals to explain and discuss the complexity and nuances of federal and state law, covering topics such as bankruptcy, foreclosure, real estate, divorce, homeowners’ law, and much more. Some episodes have included advice from experts on elder law, Social Security, wills and trusts, health insurance, and veterans’ benefits. Other episodes have focused on immigration, foreign trade issues, privacy issues, and intellectual property. Detroit public television has contracted with the producers of Due Process for another 12 episodes in the 2012-2013 season.

Henry Baskin is the host of Due Process, and, since the 1960s, has been one of the leading family law and divorce attorneys in the state of Michigan. Guests that Henry Baskin has invited to the program to offer explanations and advice include Dr. Jack Kevorkian, former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm, and F. Lee Bailey, among others.

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